Iadwise functions close to giving you a premium number, just much better.

Has this ever happened to you? You are being called for advice multiple times, without the chance for any compensation – or you cannot meet your solicitant in person…

No matter if you are sitting in your car or staying at home, those seeking advice will be able to find you. If they call you for advice over iadwise, you are granted immediate payment for it.

You have no idea how many clients are ready to pay for your competence! Are you an expert in your field having valuable knowledge that clients are ready to pay for?

Sign up for free, create your profile and make money with your knowledge from anywhere.

Do you have a question regarding an issue and you need to receive advice from an expert in a specific field? Find the most suitable advisor for you, pay his/her fee and begin a consultation session immediately wherever you are.

Iadwise is a communication services platform. It facilitates direct contact through the Internet between advisors and their clients anywhere in the world. You can access the information you need via voice, video call or chat. Iadwise provides encrypted communication, nobody else can access the conversation. The conversation between the advisor and client is secure and safe.

Track your consultations easily. Iadwise provides a comprehensive administration system.

Our company is committed to providing people with communication services that will allow them to solve their problems quickly, easily and more efficiently, and enable them to receive the valuable information they need.


Sign up for free, feature your profile for free. A commission is charged after your consultation.


  • Iadwise profile page, where your client can find everything about you: your client, patient or student can start the session directly from your profile page.
  • Set your fee: You set your consultation fee. You can also set a minimum fee and special rates for your services.
  • Voice and video call: Consultation via voice and video call. You can also live stream your issue.
  • Consultation via chat: Are you not available for a video or voice call or your client isn’t in a place to talk freely? You can provide the consultation via chat.
  • Keep track of your income: You can track your consultation sessions and your income. You can withdraw your money to your personal bank account anytime.
  • Book and appointment, calendar: If you are not available, your client can easily and quickly request an appointment. You can confirm the session or modify the calendar with one click.



  • Direct contact with your advisor: Choose directly based on profile information. Introduction, experience, feedbacks, scholarly articles, so that you find the advisor that fits you best.
  • Via voice and video call: The consultation can take place via voice or video call in HD. Both features enhance your communication experience on multiple devices.
  • Consultation via chat: If voice or video call is not an option for you, you can talk to your advisor via chat. You can also upload photos and videos.
  • Book an appointment, calendar: The advisor that you’d like to call is offline or unavailable? Book an appointment with two clicks.
  • Track your expenses: You can check how much, when and where you spent within the iadwise administration system.
  • Secure, simple payment: Our payment processor is one of the largest and most trusted service providers in the US.

- Iadwise is available on all mobile devices, tablet, PC and Mac.

- Iadwise requires WIFI or cellular internet connection.

- The consultation fee is charged based on the rates set by the advisor.

 - A valid credit or debit card is necessary to use the payment services and complete the transactions.