What does iadwise offer?

Jack, doctor: My patients simply call me on iadwise, upload their medical results and describe their problems to me. They don't have to come to my office and wait like they used to do. They get the information they need, and I receive my fee right away.

What does iadwise offer?

Claire, stylist: It never even occurred to me that I could make money with my expertise this way. These days I’m also getting a lot of calls from new clients with questions. The system is completely automated, which is a big help.

What does iadwise offer?

Elizabeth, lawyer: Whether I’m on the road or at home, I can speak with my clients online from anywhere. And I don’t have to worry about payment settlement. I just set my fee, and iadwise handles the rest.

What does iadwise offer?

Thomas, IT specialist: I used to get called by a bunch of people asking for advice, and I was never paid for it. Now I have my consultation fee listed on my iadwise profile. When somebody calls me up, I can get straight to solving their problem.

How iadwise works

Create your consulting profile

Enter your hourly rate, minimum fee, and necessary information about your services

Your profile on the site is completely free

Sign Up For Free

Share your contact info with your clients

Then ask them to reach out to you on iadwise if they would like your consultation services

Your profile will also be publicly available

So anyone can seek your advice

Your clients can easily call you directly wherever you may be

Your fee has already been paid by the time you receive a call

Prior to the call, we place a pre-authorization hold on the client’s card for the appropriate amount

The money you’ve earned is automatically credited to the bank account you specify

You make your money
and we only charge you commission after successful calls


Zero risk