Important information for advisors


1. Advisors can register on the site and have their profile be featured on the site for free.

2. Upon successful completion of a consultation session, advisors pay a commission to Iadwise, which is automatically deducted from the consultation fee by iadwise’s system. Following this deduction, iadwise transfers the remaining sum to the bank account specified by the advisor as payment.

3. The commission is 14% of the total fee paid by the Client to the Advisor.

4. The transfer of the advisor’s earnings is carried out automatically after each and every consultation session. The transfer is made to the bank account provided by the advisor, thus no further intervention is necessary on the advisor’s part.

5. We ask that advisors be sure to double-check that their consultation fee is specified correctly.

6. We ask that advisors indicate their consultation fee as a gross amount. The commission fee is subsequently calculated based on the gross amount.

7. It is the advisor’s task to issue invoices to their clients. Please note that iadwise shall issue an invoice to the advisor for their services. The advisor is responsible for fulfilling any tax requirements on earnings derived from consultation.

8. Given that iadwise is exclusively a communication service provider, it does not investigate the quality or adequacy of the consultations. All complaints related to quality assurance must be interpreted and understood as an issue between the advisor and the client. 


Thank you for collaborating with us! We hope that you find your time here well spent!