1. Introduction to Terms and Conditions:
    1. The services are provided and operated by Iadwise, Inc.
      Registered address: 2035 Sunset Lake Road Newark, 19702 Delaware, USA
      hereinafter: „Iadwise

      Our mission is to provide efficient communication services to users around the world, who through their qualifications, and professional work experience can provide consultation sessions as advisors offering valuable information and knowledge for a specified fee, and for those clients, who need the previously mentioned relevant and valuable information. Our aim is to save time and energy for our users.

    2. Definitions

      The meaning of „Application” is any website, online or mobile webpage, or application which is launched, operated and maintained by Iadwise (or is launched, operated and maintained on Iadwise’s behalf).

      1. Advisors: Those individuals who are registered users, having a public profile in the iadwise system and offer their services for a specified fee, which is giving valuable and necessary information in the form of a consultation session to their clients (for example: lawyers, doctors, teachers, coaches, or anybody who possesses the necessary information and knowledge to help those who seek advice).

      2. Client: Those individuals who through a simplified registration process have acquired the client status and by paying the advisor’s previously specified fee, begin a consultation session with an advisor in order to seek advice, acquire specific information or solve a problem related to a specific issue.

  2. Scope of Terms and Conditions

    The Terms and Conditions used by iadwise is applicable to all registered users, to all Client status users who request a consultation session from Advisors, and all Advisor status users who provide consultation session to Clients.

    1. Personal and individual scope

      The Terms and Conditions used by iadwise is applicable to all registered users, to all Client status users who request a consultation session from Advisors, and all Advisor status users who provide consultation session to Clients.

    2. Objective scope

      The Terms and Conditions is applicable to all legal relationships in which the Client uses a service and the Advisor provides a service.

    3. Timescale scope

      The present Terms and Conditions came into effect on the 1st of June 2020. When changing the Terms and Conditions, the rules, regulations and instructions set forth in the current Terms and Conditions are to be followed.

    4. Iadwise or any of its content does intend to create a legal relationship, partner relationship, proxy or client and representative relationship between the parties, and this interpretation does not apply here. Neither party has the authority to act as proxy or has the power of attorney of the other party, and shall not commit to this.

  3. Activity of the parties
    1. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the users agree that they will not upload or send through the Application content that: (1) damages, infringes on a third party patent, trademark, trade secret, or any other intellectual or industrial property rights, release rights, personal secrets, or protected data; or damages and infringes in any other way (or encourages others to damage and infringe) on applicable laws, rules, regulations, orders, instructions, court order, official orders, (2) has legal consequences derived from common law; (3) content that is false, erroneous, slanderous, deceptive or deceiving; (4) content that is inappropriate, defaming, pornographic, sexual, vulgar or offensive; (5) content that is openly sexual, illegal, violent, discriminative (among others based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or disability); (6) content that is violent or threatening, or encourages violent and threatening actions against any natural person or legal entity.

    2. The users agree to abstain from the following: (1) Access or manipulation of non-public IT and technical system of the Application; (2) attempt to research, investigate, examine or test the vulnerability of the Application or any other security or authentication measures; (3) attempt to access and find the content and data of the Application; (4) upload and send unwanted or unauthorized advertising materials; (5) attempt to solve, decode, dismantle, disassemble or decrypt the software provided by Iadwise to use the Application and the software in the Application; (6) obstruction (or attempt thereof) of the network access of the Clients and Advisors, including sending virus to the Application, overloading, message flooding, spamming or email overloading; (7) collection and retainment of personal user data; (8) impersonation of any natural person or legal entity or demonstration of deceiving relationship with them; or (9) encouragement of any third party to carry out the above-mentioned activities.

    3. The Parties acknowledge and agree that Iadwise reserves the right to investigate the possible violations or infringements of the above-mentioned conditions, measures and actions and if needed it can take legal action within the framework of the law. The Parties acknowledge that Iadwise is not obliged to monitor, review, and edit the content of the Parties’ data sheet; but reserves the right to do this in order to provide the adequate operation of the Application and to ensure that the Parties comply with the present Terms and Conditions; furthermore, in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including any court ruling, injunction, decision or appeal deemed necessary by any governmental body. Iadwise reserves the right to delete or block access to content anytime without prior notification that Iadwise deems to go against and violate present Terms and Conditions, existing and applicable legislation, or that is damaging in any way to the Application.

    4. The Parties acknowledge and agree, without limiting the drafting of the present Terms and Conditions, that the Application’s patent, trademark and data protection is under the protection of Laws; and that the Application and all its related intellectual products fall under the appropriate proprietary and patent protection rights and laws, exclusively pertaining to the patent owner. The Advisor does not have the right to remove any patent, trademark or intellectual product that appears in the Application; furthermore, the Advisor does not have the right to remove, change, usurp or obscure any other intellectual product.

    5. The Parties agree and acknowledge that the Advisor is fully responsible for all the content shared or made available in the Application. Iadwise does not assume responsibility for the above-mentioned content.

    6. Iadwise relinquishes all responsibility concerning the use of services provided by the Users to each other, its quality, appropriateness, efficiency and all-round impartment of said services; furthermore, Iadwise relinquishes all legal, contractual and any other type of liability and responsibility, including warranty, proprietary rights, non-infringement or compliance with specific licensing laws concerning the advice, information and data sharing. The Users hereby state that they understand, acknowledge and accept that the Users themselves take full responsibility and liability regarding the services (including the warranties and guarantee provided by the Advisors). Iadwise is not the seller, reseller or distributor of the services provided in the Application. All complaints, claims and demands concerning the content, quality and adequacy of the consultation, advisory sessions (including prices, Client requests) must be assumed by the Advisor. Iadwise relinquishes all responsibility and liability concerning the above-mentioned complaints, claims, demands and (product) warranties.
      We respect your privacy. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for further information.

  4. Registration
    1. Iadwise only provides services to Parties that fulfill the following: previously provide the information and data required in the Application by Iadwise, fulfill the registration form, and accept the privacy policy. By the registration process described in this point, which is sent to Iadwise, the Parties take full responsibility that the information and data they provide is accurate, authentic and true. Iadwise is not liable or responsible for the damages that may derive from incomplete registration or false and inaccurate data provision by both Parties. Iadwise relinquishes all responsibilities and liabilities of delayed payment and damages that can be traced back to Parties having provided false, erroneous or inaccurate information and data.

    2. Parties must update Iadwise in case of changes in their information or data without fail; Iadwise reserves the right to review, confirm and check the authenticity and accuracy of the registered information. If it can be presumed that the information provided by the Parties is not accurate or true, and the Parties fail to correct, clarify or rectify within the deadline, then Iadwise is entitled to refuse or deny publishing the Advisor’s profile, and can remove said public profile from its system. Iadwise has the right to inform the Adivsor, in case his/her profile is not appropriate, adequate or missing information, to correct and rectify the profile in question in order for Iadwise to provide the website’s and Application’s service quality.

    3. Iadwise provides the Parties free registration and free profile featuring, but it does not extend to the services provided by the Advisor. The Parties have the right to delete themselves from the system for free anytime, or to deactivate their profiles. In case of deletion, Iadwise erases any and all users’ data from its database. In case of deactivation, the advisor’s profile becomes inactive. In this case, without any activity, the deactivated profile will be deleted after a given amount of time. Before that, the Advisor can reactivate his/her profile.

  5. Data Management
    1. Parties agree and acknowledge that Iadwise carries out data management services in the Application according to data protection provisions and policies. The Advisor agrees and acknowledges that in case the Client shares personal information with the Advisor or receives any personal information or data from the Client, including all personal information and data that the Client shares with the Advisor in confidence, the management and protection of above-described personal information falls under the Advisor’s responsibility.

  6. Payment, contact, connection and the loss of connection

    Advisors can register on the site and have their profile featured on the site for free. There are no fees associated with being featured as an advisor on the website and/or application. Upon successful completion of a consultation session, the Advisor pays a commission to Iadwise, which is deducted by Iadwise’s system. The final amount that the Advisor receives is his/her consultation fee less the commission fee owed to Iadwise. Iadwise requests that the Advisor specifies his/her consultation fee as a gross amount. The commission fee is subsequently calculated based on the gross amount.

  8. Payment
    1. Payment of the Advisor’s fee: The Advisor automatically receives the consultation fee paid by the Client from Iadwise, and the amount is transferred to the bank account associated with the bank account number specified by the Advisor. The commission is 14% of the total fee paid by the Client to the Advisor.

    2. Iadwise employs a third-party payment service provider for the collection of the consultation fee. Iadwise does not record or register bank card information.

    3. The Parties cannot claim compensation, indemnification or payment from Iadwise due to damages, late charges or any other expenses (including but not limited to bank charges) incurred because of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Advisor and/or the Client.

    4. In no event shall Iadwise be held liable for potential errors in the prices displayed for the services provided (including but not limited to taxes, fees or other charges to be paid, including the erroneous appearance thereof or potential missing information).

    5. In the event that the Client has a complaint regarding the consultation session, Iadwise reserves the right to investigate and resolve the complaint. The standard deadline for the investigation and resolution of a complaint is 3 days, during which, Iadwise may withhold the payment made to the Advisor by the Client. Payment can be withheld particularly, but not exclusively, when there is suspicion of an attempt to cause damages to the Client or commit fraud. In the event that the complaint is substantiated, the payment to the Advisor can be denied and Iadwise will be entitled to refund the Client the full amount of money within 8, i.e. eight, days. During the complaint resolution process, Iadwise does not investigate the quality and adequacy of the consultation, given that Iadwise is exclusively a communication service provider. All complaints related to quality assurance must be interpreted and understood as an issue between the Advisor and the Client.

    6. The Parties agree and acknowledge that the consultation fee is specified and shown per hour, which will be charged and billed proportionately per minute. The Advisor is entitled to set a minimum fee, which will be deducted from the total price of the consultation, in case the consultation surpasses the minimum fee specified. The Parties acknowledge that the minimum fee will be charged after 30 seconds of successful consultation between the Advisor and the Client, which is intended for such potential events as when the parties contact each other for scheduling purposes. The fee calculations are based on the following: the start is the moment the contact is made and the consultation session begins in the Application, and the end is when the session concludes. In case the connection is lost, the consultation is paused, breaks off due to circumstances beyond the control of the Parties, then these Parties can resume the consultation session within 5 minutes and it will not be a new consultation session but the previous one will continue, with the already established conditions.

    7. Iadwise excludes its liability for damages resulting from the disconnection for which Iadwise cannot be held responsible (including but not limited to power outage, loss of internet connection, unstable internet connection, incorrect or inadequate use of devices or equipment, etc.).

    8. Iadwise shall issue the invoice for service to the Advisor. It is the advisor’s responsibility to issue an invoice to his/her client. Iadwise excludes any liability arising from the failure to issue an invoice or the faulty issuance of the invoice. The advisor shall be responsible for fulfilling any tax requirements on earnings derived from consultation.

  9. Other Conditions
    1. Iadwise has the right to modify and/or update the Terms and Conditions anytime, and will always publish the updated Terms and Conditions. The modified Terms and Conditions is legally in force and valid as soon as it is published. When using and providing services, the Terms and Conditions applicable are the one that is in force at the given time. The Parties agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions in order to use the services provided by Iadwise.

    2. The service provider has the right to modify, revoke or withdraw the Terms and Conditions unilaterally anytime, without justification and without notification. The modification is in force as soon as it is published.

    3. If you have any complaints regarding the operation of the website and/or Application, you can contact iadwise at the given address or in the Contact Us section; user satisfaction is important to Iadwise.

    4. If you have any complaints regarding the operation of the website and/or Application, you can contact iadwise at the given address or in the Contact Us section; user satisfaction is important to Iadwise.

    5. The original US English version of these Terms and Conditions have most likely been translated into several other languages. The translated version is a courtesy and office translation only and you shall not derive any rights from the translated version. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the US English version and any other language version of these terms and conditions, the US English language version to the extent permitted by law shall apply, prevail and be conclusive. The US English version is available on our Platform (by selecting "English (US)" language) or shall be sent to you upon your written request.